10 Reasons to Travel with On The Map Travel

1) Been There, Done That – And Loved It!

We have nearly 50 years combined experience, planning, operating and leading trips all around the world. Collectively we have traveled to and led numerous trips to more than 100 countries – as tour leaders, travel planning professionals, travelers and parents.


2) On The Map Travel Is Owner Operated

That means when you book with us you work directly with a dedicated owner of the On The Map Travel from start to finish. We are always available to answer questions – from packing to weather to local customs. Special requests? We’ve helped travelers attend a special concert, find the grave of a great-grandfather, visit long-lost relatives and even learn to ride a Segway!


3) On or Off The Beaten Path – It’s Always On The Map

We have trips all over the world. From Paris to Patagonia, Zanzibar to Zurich, New York to New Delhi . . . and all the wonderful places in between. We can design a trip especially for your family, school group or association. We work with you to choose the destination, the perfect number of days and the ideal itinerary.


4) Extraordinary Travel You Couldn’t Arrange On Your Own

No matter how much you search the Internet, there are simply some experiences you won’t find available. Academic discussions with university students and professors, after hours private tours of world-famous museums, invitations to private palaces, behind the scenes visits to artists’ workshops. Out of the ordinary? Impossible to find? Not with On The Map Travel. We provide these unusual activities for clients every day.


5) Travel Questions Answered: Our Comprehensive Pre-Departure Documents

It’s a matter of pride for us – we think our pre-departure documents are the best in the industry. They run from 10 – 25 pages and include up-to-date information on all aspects of your trip – from currency to weather to tipping to electricity. We also include packing lists, recommended reading lists, wildlife checklists, lists of our favorite restaurants and shopping spots – even hotel contact information sheets for you to leave behind with your friends and family.


6) No Hidden Costs

Our prices and what is included are stated clearly right up front. There are no financial surprises for our travelers. That’s it in a nutshell.


7) In A Busy World – We Save You Time

The last time we Googled “Hotels in Paris” we had 13,600,000 pages come up! Who has time to read that much material and distill it into the perfect trip to Paris? We are constantly traveling, researching, reading and talking to travelers – gleaning information that can make the difference between a good trip and one that was so much fun you can’t stop talking about it after you get home. We like to think that we craft each itinerary so that our guests get an extraordinary experience, a great value and the kind of memories that bring a smile to your face every time you think about them.


8) Like-Minded Partners

We have partners all over the world – travel professionals who share our philosophy, attention to detail and love of travel. We take time every year to visit with them, talk about our company goals, remind them of our passion for details and make sure that they view our clients as people worth going the extra mile for.


9) We’re On Your Side

We represent you not only when things go well, but when they don’t. We take this responsibility seriously and work as your advocate if issues arise. We are very important to our partner companies as we bring them so much business. This means that your voice is heard and problem solved. Book on your own and you are on your own. Why risk your trip investment?


10) We Do This Because We Are Travelers, Too

Here’s the bottom line. We love to travel. We love everything about it – the excitement, the education, the experience. We love to think about, talk about and plan great trips. And we think our enthusiasm rubs off on our clients.