Last month Oprah declared being a travel agent was one of the top 5 “Happiest Jobs in America.” She featured author Dan Buettner as a job happiness expert – and he said to go for “bliss, not bucks.”  Hmm.  Bliss?  Hard work is more like it. But there are moments – wonderful moments – when it all works for a client – and that is a fantastic thing.  A couple of years ago, clients who originally came to me as a lead on wanted to spend a month in Europe and Israel.  We hit it off immediately, and since the lead I bought was for a trip well over a year out, she decided to have me book a short surprise adventure to Buenos Aires (a test on a smaller scale, I am sure).  Over President’s Weekend 2009 a limo pulled up to their home in Ojai, California and whisked the family to the airport.  It was not until their flight was called that my client’s mother and children knew where they were headed.  It was the best surprise I have ever heard of, let alone been involved in.

The goal was  a luxury hotel, a bit of sightseeing, some Jewish history and the tennis matches.  All missions were accomplished and the trip was a great success.  Was she happy?   Well, let’s see… I have since planned trips to  New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas and, oh yes, a month-long trip to Europe and Israel including a 12 night Crystal cruise.  I think she’s still happy – she and her daughter will be joining my Mother/Daughter Paris trip this summer!  But to the point — was I happy?  Yes.  Sometimes there are moments when Oprah is right.

— Audrey

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