Well, it’s been another interesting year in the travel business.  Economic woes world-wide, natural disasters and terrorist threats; one would think, would keep people home.  And yet, we cannot keep up with all the requests, many of them last minute, for travel assistance. Nothing, it seems, can stop the adventurous from venturing forth.

Despite every deterrent you can conjure to prevent sane people from getting on a plane, train or subway, they just keep coming.  “Hey, we forgot Spring Break is coming – we want to go somewhere, like say, Italy, London, Paris.  It’s not too late, is it?  I mean, no one is really traveling these days, right?”

WRONG!  Our intrepid clients and their referrals are planning trips, mostly of 7-14 days between now and the end of summer.  And many of them are forking over big bucks to do so.

Where are our clients going this year, and how?  Italy, once again, tops our list of most popular destinations, followed closely by Paris, London and a surge of interest in Portugal.  Cruising is back big time as well, Crystal and Regent being our major suppliers.

So, can everyone afford to travel?  Well, airfares seem to have gone up for sure, but the fare wars keep popping up that make a cross country flight affordable for most families at about $300 round trip.  Transatlantic travel is a bit harder on the checkbook, with average coach fares to Europe coming in at well over $1,000 per person.  Has it stopped them?  Nope, they are just renting an apartment in Paris to save money on hotels, and opting for casual meals rather than those 100 euro per person dinners.

So, have you made YOUR Spring Break plans yet?  Tick Tock!

– Audrey

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