Travel Gadgets & Gear I Want for the Holidays

All year long I read blogs and articles about cool travel gear.  I sneak looks at other travelers to see if they have something swell that I might want, too.  I love perusing luggage stores or the travel sections of Bed, Bath & Beyond or Every now and then I buy something that is just great – other times it does not really work or make a difference at all. So back to the supplier (or into the Goodwill donation bag) it goes.

However, there are some things I absolutely know that I want.  Either they are tried and true or have such good reviews that I know they’ll be just right for me.

I would welcome receiving these at any time of year, but since ‘tis the season. . .

Goo Toobs

Have you ever used these? So fantastic. They are civilized, smart, squeezable tubes for travel. GoToob is made from soft yet rugged silicone, so it’s easy to squeeze out all of the contents. A large opening makes it easy to fill and clean, and an ID-window on the collar helps you remember what’s inside. Airplane carry-on approved, food-safe (FDA), and 100% BPA and PC-free.  I want them in multiple sizes!



Have you ever flown one of the low cost carriers? The ones that limit your carry on to a small wallet (ok I am exaggerating here, but that is what it feels like).  When I am in that situation, I yearn for a SCOTTeVEST – 17 well-designed pockets designed to hold phones, tablets, wallets, keys, drone accessories, water bottles, sunglasses, camera accessories, GoPros, Amazon Kindle, external batteries, dog treats, leashes, and much more.

The vest does not count as luggage.  You just take it off at security, put it through the scanner, put on back on and stroll onto the plane with a carry-on’s worth of your gear.  BTW – this is a big HINT for any of my friends and family who have not done their shopping yet.


The Bose QuietComfort (QC20) Acoustic Noise Cancelling Earbuds

I remember getting my first pair of Bose Noise Cancelling headphones – loved them!  A revolution for flights.  However, as great as they were they were just to bulky to sleep comfortably.  Now, Bose has come to the rescue with their Bose QuietComfort (QC20) Acoustic Noise Cancelling Earbuds. The earbuds feature advanced noise reduction that can stand up against nearly any full-sized; the ear bud-type design means I can sleep in comfort and some of my least favorite airplane sounds — another passenger’s loud conversation or a baby crying — are reduced to a soft purr.  NOTE TO FAMILY: I actually want these more than the SCOTTeVEST . . .


Folding Snap Trays

I ALWAYS have one of these with me when I travel.  It is nearly the first thing out of my suitcase and goes right on the nightstand.  It is a great catch all for a room key, earrings you forgot to take off until the middle of the night, a watch, your phone and any other detritus you tend to lose in a hotel room. Mine is leather, but there are plenty of inexpensive versions, too.


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