Timely Travel Thoughts & Tips – Volume 1

This is Volume 1 our blog with thoughts on what we are doing and exploring in the world this week. Sign up on our website and the latest editions will appear automatically in your inbox.

HOTELS – Sometimes you land someplace very special. Terre di Himera in the hills above Cefalù, Sicily is certainly one of those places. A tiny 5-room agriturismo with all the attention to detail of a 5-Star hotel, including fresh flowers tucked in all over the room and beautiful views of the mountains and the sea. Owner and Hostess Maria personally cooks a dinner any chef would be proud to call theirs. The simple, perfect Sicilian homemade dishes include vegetables from their garden, olive oil from their trees, cheese from their neighbors, bread made with Sicilian flour made from heirloom wheat and amazing local meats cooked over an olive wood fire. Did we mention the wine????

RESTAURANTS – Had a quick layover in Paris, but still made time to dine at Relais de l’Entrecote – the best steak-frites restaurant anywhere. It is as reliable as a comfy pair of shoes, and ideal for jet-lag recovery evenings. Read out blog post: Everytime I Am In Paris.

APPS – We all have favorite phone and tablet games to pass the time while traveling. Anne’s favorite is LEX – The Game of Small Words, Audrey’s is Boggle With Friends. What’s yours? Send us your favorites at info@onthemaptravel.com and we’ll share them next time.

SPOTLIGHT – This spring we hosted one of our ‘Invitation-Only Small Group Adventures’ to South Africa. A memorable moment (besides the animals on safari, of course) was High Tea at the Twelve Apostles Hotel on the coast outside Cape Town. This lovely tradition, known locally as “Tea By the Sea,” is a real British Afternoon Tea. We rounded out the sandwiches, scones, cakes and chocolates with a glass of champagne on the terrace and stunning sunset views over the South Atlantic – a gift to our clients and a special moment for all. If you’d like to get on the invite list, just let us know at info@onthemaptravel.com.

QUOTES – A quote that inspired us this week from Ralph Crawshaw:

“Travel has a way of stretching the mind. The stretch comes not from travel’s immediate rewards,

the inevitable myriad new sights, smells and sounds,

but with experiencing firsthand how others do differently what we believed to be the right and only way.”


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