Timely Travel Thoughts & Tips – Volume 2

Bon Jour Travelers!

Here are some thoughts on what we are doing and exploring in the world this week.

HOTELS – Marrakech can be bewildering, and while it boasts many grand hotels, the smallish Riad l’Orangeraie is a jewel. Located in the heart of the Medina surrounded by the historic souks, it is still just an easy walk to the nearby city streets with cabs and access to the rest of Marrakech. The roof-top dining has top-notch service and excellent Moroccan dishes; we know – we were just there.

RESTAURANTS – Recently in London we dined at Zaika of Kensington, a rather astonshingly culinary forward Indian restuarant. Rich flavors but not too spicy, this North Indian fare is quite gourmet and the service is top notch. We devoured the MALABAR PRAWNS -Tiger prawns with sauteed onions, fenugreek seeds and coconut. Insider’s note: with an appetizer plus sides of rice and naan you could easily share the prawns for a full meal and spend the extra on the wine.

TRAVEL TIPS – I can’t help it, I get hungry.
I am just not a power bar, protein bar, nut bar kind of person. When I am hungry I want savory, not sweet. Which I why my travel backpack/carry on bag always has Laughing Cow cheese (the triangles in a round box) and a box of Trader Joe’s Water Crackers. Laughing Cow (is it really cheese?) does not need to be refrigerated, so a wedge or two with a few crackers has gotten me through long flights, a late-night snack attack in a hotel – even as a meal replacement when I was late for a meeting. Everyone who has followed this tip has eventually gotten back to me and said, “It was a lifesaver!”. It’s part of my Girl Scout ‘Be Prepared’ travel kit. (More on what else is in there next time.)
NOTE: I have been carrying Laughing Cow cheese without any issues for many years, but recently TSA said say that the cheese my be considered ‘spreadable’ and, per their rules, they can impose the liquids carry-on limit of 3 ounces . So, four of the triangles would be allowed in your carry on. If you are checking a bag, put a whole box or two in there.

QUOTE – A quote that inspired us this week from Anthony Bourdain:

“Travel at its best defies expectations.”


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