So, you think you don’t need travel insurance?  Think again.


We are always extolling the benefits of obtaining trip insurance to our clients.  We know what can go wrong when traveling – we’ve seen it all too often.


We buy it for our own trips too, although, like many of you, we never think we will have to use it.


I was recently on a 3-week trip to in Portugal and Italy.

The first two weeks went great, and, then, the unexpected happened. I felt unwell one night and had to miss a special dinner (which looked amazing,).  The next morning, I knew I would miss the day’s events, and let the group go on without me.   That night I was no better, so I called the doctor. His first words were: “You’ll be staying put right here – no traveling for you.”


But my group was moving on tomorrow! Luckily, my hotel was not full, and I was able to keep the room for two additional nights, albeit at much higher rates.  Plus, I had already paid for the two nights in the next hotel that I would lose because I was past the cancelation deadline.  My tours and transfers for the next few days?  Non-refundable.


After a few days I was better and able to reunite with my group.  But those other days and charges?  Lost…


Fortunately, it was all covered.


But wait…  What if I had become ill at the END of my trip and had been unable to fly home as scheduled?  I would have had to reschedule my return flights. Airlines are very inflexible and do not care what reason you have for changing your flight.  They will charge you a change fee of between $200-$800 per ticket PLUS the difference in the price of the ticket you bought.  And a last-minute ticket is almost always the most expensive kind. I did a little researched and for my recent trip a change in my return ticket would have cost more than $2,000!


So, next time your travel advisor advises you to get insurance for your long-anticipated vacation and you think you won’t need it – please think again.  Peace of mind is well worth it.

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