Reflections on 2017

Happy New Year Travelers,

It’s been a banner travel year for On The Map Travel. We’ve seen herds of elephants and elusive male lions (3 at one time!) in South Africa; artisans creating beauty from practically nothing in the Cambodian countryside; the weathered faces of sellers in the souks of Morocco and the beaches, farms and fabulous cities of Portugal, Spain and Sicily. We’ve stood at the edge of thundering Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe by the light of a full moon and have explored more of Italy, Ireland, France and England. We were transported by helicopters, planes, trains and jeeps to visit the wilds of New Zealand and Colombia. One of us even had the pleasure of sailing In the Greek Isles aboard Crystal Cruises’ new luxury yacht (and is still talking about it!). We toured the North Island of New Zealand (Hobbiton, anyone?) and the cityscape and waterfront of Sydney. We snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef and the Caribbean.

We feel so lucky to travel the world, but throughout our adventures, what remains topmost in our minds, the reason we do it all, is so that we can talk to our clients more knowledgeably about the places they want to go.

We love traveling and we love what we do, but our passion is re-ignited each and every time we step foot in a new country/city/hotel/lodge that we can then share with our clients.

Coming up in 2018: Back to Ireland and London to visit some hotels we haven’t seen in a while; an extended visit to our beloved Puglia to deepen our knowledge of that fascinating and vibrant area of Italy; return trips to Alaska, New Mexico, Boston, New York City, and who knows where else?

Oh, and we’re personally escorting three groups to Southeast Asia in the fall – Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. There are a few spaces left – click on SPECIALS for all the details

What are your travel dreams? Where do you want 2018 to take you? Let’s talk about it. We’ll get you there.

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