Timely Travel Thoughts & Tips – Volume 4

Here are some thoughts on what we are doing and exploring in the world this week.

APPS WE LOVE – We always want to be able to exchange pleasantries in whatever country we land (not to mention ordering a glass of wine) – so we’re loving Duolingo — a fabulous free app that makes learning languages easy – seriously.  We were recently in Colombia and had no problem habla-ing basic Español.  We can’t wait to start the Italian lessons. . .

BEST BITE – A slice of perfect jamón ibérico (the crown jewel of Spanish cuisine) served at a locals-only, very cozy tapas spot called El Vaso de Oro in Barcelona. Translated as The Golden Glass, this historic bar is nestled in Barcelona’s busy beachside. Dedicated foodie, Joel Malo, was our amazing guide to this hidden gem. Joel hosts unusual and exclusive food journeys throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Give us a call, and we’ll arrange for you to eat your way across Spain!

SPOTLIGHT ‑ Arriving at a foreign airport, particularly after an all-night eastbound flight, travelers encounter a rush of change and culture; sometimes the onslaught comes too fast as one blinks their way through a crowded airport. It is a nice touch then to emerge into the arrival hall and see your name on a sign held by a smartly attired driver. You reach out to shake hands, and he merely wants to take your carry-on off your shoulder. Settle back in a leather seat with WIFI and a cold bottle of water as you make your way to the hotel. Private car transfers are something we arrange for most of our clients; it really is a great way to start your next trip.

GEAR – Do you unpack at a hotel? Unless our stay is longer than two nights, the tendency is to leave things in a suitcase, but even after only one night items are all mussed up. Audrey discovered a great solution: a Stow-N-Go Luggage Organizer. The rest of us are going to test it on a trip to Santa Fe later this month. This clever item is a mini wardrobe that you pack and then collapse into your suitcase. It emerges Mary Poppins-like, and you simply hang it in the closet. It has several shelves for shoes and clothes and even a zippered laundry compartment at the bottom. And, yes, it fits into a carry-on. Check it out here: [Stow-N-Go Luggage Organizer]

QUOTE A quote that inspired us this week:

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller

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