Timely Travel Thoughts & Tips – Volume 3

Here are some thoughts on what we are doing and exploring in the world this week.

REFLECTIONS – As the holidays and end-of-year festivities wind down we have decided that a good theme for 2018 is Making ‘Someday’ Today. We took a record number of travelers to Africa in 2017; and for most, an African Safari had been on their ‘someday’ list for years. The joy of encountering a herd of elephants at a watering hole as the sun broke the horizon turned that ‘someday’ into today – and a life-worth-living moment. We were thrilled to share those memories with so many and look forward to sharing more with you in 2018.

HOTELS – With so many hotel choices in London it is often hard to sort out a favorite. We recently stayed at the ROYAL GARDEN HOTEL in Kensington and its combo of location, staff, and spacious rooms make it a favorite. We have sent many clients here and they all rave about it. Our room looked over Kensington Palace. We took a late breakfast in the room one morning and both the service and food were perfect. Enjoying a cup of tea as the Palace Green comes to life is a delightful way to start the day. And then you can just stroll from the hotel through Hyde Park, returning to any of a dozen spots for lunch. Let us know when you are next heading to London as we always get our guests special amenities at the Royal Garden.

WHAT WE’RE WORKING ON – Keep an eye on Colombia. We recently spent some time in this beautiful South American country, just now emerging as a great place to travel. With coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea it boasts miles and miles (no kidding) of undisturbed beaches. Sophisticated cities (great hotels) balance first-rate nature and adventure travel. People are warm and welcoming, and the coffee is the best in the world. Stay tuned as we will have more to share on what to do and see Colombia.

GEAR – We’ve tried them all and still the BEST BACKPACK is the Case Logic Evolution Pro 15.6-Inch. It is versatile, holds so much stuff that we often use it as a sole carryon when traveling for just a few days. There is a special pocket for your sunglasses which is great when you emerge from a long flight into equatorial regions. Numerous inside pockets enable you to put things where they belong so retrieving them is not a mining operation – this is especially nice on overnight flights when you want to get something in the dark. And, perhaps best of all, it has a well-hidden documents pocket for your passport. A great piece of gear, road tested by On the Map Travel.

Just in time for the New Year – [Look at it here: GREAT BACKPACK]

QUOTE – A quote that inspired us this week:
“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” 

Samuel Johnson


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