Timely Travel Thoughs & Tips – Volume 5


ROOM TO BREW – Who doesn’t love a good hotel? But when we are staying somewhere longer than 4 or 5 nights, we often enjoy the extra amenities an apartment provides. Anne is no good without her fresh-brewed mug of PG Tips tea first thing in the in the morning (actually she is a bear), and a kitchen means she can join the human race right away. All our apartments around the world are vetted by colleagues we trust. So, if you want to stretch out (and brew a cup of tea) think about having us rent an apartment for your next trip.

SPOTLIGHT ON ISOLATION TRAVEL – One of the newest trends is to totally unplug, actually go where the internet and cell towers cannot reach you. We’ve done it in Morocco’s Sahara Desert for a few nights and rafting in the Grand Canyon for six nights. While it took a day for our phone cravings to subside, once our brains re-oriented the boost to our mental health was phenominal. We noticed more, felt more, thought more, and enjoyed more. Blogger Melissa Biggs Bradley, put it nicely: “It is so hard not to be distracted today by the frenetic pace of our life, that the ultimate luxury is having time to focus and appreciate fully the place where you are and the people you are with.”

GEAR – SHUT EYE IN THE SKY – The only way we get some sleep on a plane is with the help of an eye mask. There are two that have received rave reviews so we tested them both (and asked some friends and family members to test them, too); they are the Bucky 40-Blinks & the Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask. The 40-Blinks is molded foam that is contoured so it does not press on your eyes. The Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask is a featherweight mask that has a soft ridge at the bottom that lifts it away from your eyes and gives extra protection against any light that might leak through. The results are a big thumbs up to the Lewis N. Clark and thumbs down for the 40-Blinks. We just couldn’t sleep with hard bug-out eye covers, but the Lewis N. Clark’s were very, very comfy. Here’s where you can get a pair: Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask

APPS WE LOVE – Love the amazing photos from we found on INSTAGRAM – we like to call them ‘one dream a day

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QUOTE A quote that inspired us this week.
“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Martin Buber

GEAR UPDATE – We road tested the Riser Luggage Organizer, and it’s a winner! This clever item is a mini wardrobe that you pack and then collapse into your suitcase. It emerges Mary Poppins-like, and you simply hang it in the closet. It made the packing/unpacking routine on a multi-day, multi-hotel trip a breeze. Check it out HERE!

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