About On The Map Travel

Find Your Place in the World with On the Map Travel

On The Map Travel is a boutique worldwide trip operator that was formed in 2006 to provide individuals and groups with interesting and imaginative travel. On The Map Travel has more than 20 years experience sending travelers all over the world. We are dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic and professional. Most of all, we are travelers ourselves.

The difference is in the details. With On The Map Travel travelers don’t just see, they do. Every one of our trips includes activities, sights and experiences that are “off the map” – things no other tour company provides.

When you travel with us you may find yourself at a reading of Nobel prize winner Pablo Neruda’s poetry at dawn while sitting among the ruins of Machu Picchu. . . joining with one of the company actors of Shakespeare’s Globe in an acting workshop. . . or making your own gelato at a private lesson in Florence’s most famous shop.

We don’t just visit the markets of Africa – we have a scavenger hunt for local goods and foods so our travelers interact with the sellers in a way not possible when just buying a trinket. Picture yourself on a farm in Italy hiking through the fields to gather the ingredients to cook for lunch or climbing to a rooftop to watch the sun set over Beijing’s Forbidden City. These are the magic moments that memories are made of. What are the magic moments of your travel dreams? We’d love to make them happen for you.


Anne MacIntyre – Partner, 
On The Map Travel

Anne is a graduate of U.C.L.A.; she began her travel career in Los Angeles as Director of Marketing for the AARP Travel Service. She joined the INTRAV team in 1988, as one of the company’s top public speakers and tour managers. Anne has escorted over 30 tours to all parts of the world – she claims India, Ecuador and Turkey are her favorite destinations, but she’s happy to go anywhere!

She moved to St. Louis in 1990 and continued to work closely with INTRAV and Clipper Cruise Lines in addition to her on-going profession as a freelance travel writer. Anne’s clients included Travel + Leisure, Home & Away, Delta Air Lines, Swissair, the Australian Tourism Commission and the Fiji Visitors Bureau.

In March 2001, Anne and her husband became owners and partners in General Tours, one of America’s oldest tour companies offering more than 400 tours and small-ship cruises to destinations including Asia, South America, Costa Rica, India, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and Israel.

Anne is especially proud of the travel programs she designed and operated for the company’s Global Navigator division – providing adventures around the world for clients including University of Southern California, Dartmouth College, University of Michigan, University of Washington and Forsyth and Whitfield Schools in St. Louis.

Anne and her husband sold their interest in General Tours in 2005; shortly after that Anne founded On The Map Travel with her friend and former co-worker, Audrey Kennedy.


Audrey Kennedy – Partner, 
On The Map Travel

Audrey loved traveling before she ever tried it. Always eager to go anywhere and everywhere, she took her first plane trip during college to participate in a Theatre Seminar in London. After studying Communications and Theatre at the University of Hartford, Audrey spent three years working as Production Coordinator on the educational children’s show Big Blue Marble, where she arranged for crews to travel the world in search of interesting stories about children. It was then that the wanderlust took hold for real, and for good! She moved to Los Angeles in 1977 to pursue a career in film production and, once again, found herself traveling to locations from New Orleans to Yugoslavia (where she gave herself a whirlwind tour so that she could write a destination guide for the cast and crew).

After the birth of her second child (her first accompanied her to Yugoslavia at the age of 3) Audrey took time off to raise her family. . . and to travel with them. Audrey and her family have traveled to Russia, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Mexico and the Caribbean. They spent Christmas in London and the English countryside, negotiated three weeks driving through Ireland and watched the New Year arrive at the Eiffel Tower — among other trips.

Creating, arranging and participating in travel have been her passion. In 2005 – after several years being a partner in TKO Productions – a film marketing company – she decided to leave the film business and change her avocation into her vocation by founding On The Map Travel with her longtime friend and frequent travel companion, Anne MacIntyre. Audrey heads up On The Map Travel’s Los Angeles office.