For a $5 service fee, Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB) will track and expedite the return of your lost luggage by an airline for the first 96 hours of the bag being lost. If BRB can't facilitate the return of your bag, we will pay you a minimum of $1000 per bag, guaranteed, even if your bag shows up on the 5th day. No proof of what was in the bag (receipts) is necessary to receive payment. All US and International flights are covered with this service, including all code share partners and connections. A single $5 purchase is per person, per round trip (regardless of the number of connections) or one way ticket, anywhere in the world. One service agreement ($5) protects every bag taken on the plane including last minute check-ins at the gate. Payouts ($1000) are per bag, higher coverage options are available. This service can be purchased up until the moment before your flight takes off. Having the BRB service is in addition to any insurances you have, not instead of. Collecting payment from BRB does not prohibit you from collecting any insurance payouts.