Medjet Assist

We are members ourselves – so are our families.  We believe that MedjetAssist is a necessary addition to regular trip and travel insurance.  It can be purchased by the trip or on an annual basis – covering you no matter where you go – on pleasure or business.

MedjetAssist is the premier global air-medical transport membership for travelers. Medjet arranges and pays for hospital-to-hospital medical transfer of a member if injury or illness occur during domestic or international travel, more than 150 miles from home. Unlike health or travel insurance, which typically transports to the “nearest acceptable facility” if deemed “medically
necessary,” a Medjet member is transferred to their home hospital of choice, regardless of medical necessity, for the cost of the membership and nothing more. A MedjetAssist
membership is your most reliable and affordable path back to a hospital at home and the doctors you trust.

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