“We had an AMAZING and WONDERFUL trip!!  Every single thing you put together exceeded our expectations – from the hotel selections to restaurants We loved our our wonderful, upgraded suite at the Balmoral.  (and we know it was your relationship that got us the upgrade).  We both want to go back to London … thank you for encouraging more days there – so much more to see!”

K. Armstrong - London and Scotland


"We took our whole family on a vacation to London and Paris this spring and put ourselves in the hands of On The Map Travel. With a 23 year old and two 9 year olds, we knew it would be a challenge to satisfy everybody, but the team at On The Map orchestrated the trip of a lifetime! From the remarkable hand-picked local guides to the fascinating, well-paced and custom-tailored itinerary, ranging from falconry at Leeds Castle, an unforgettable private after-hours tour of the Tower of London, a private escort through the Louvre, to a chocolate tasting at the finest Parisian shops - On The Map made our experiences abroad magical and effortless! We can’t wait to work with On the Map again to design our next global experience!"

Richard, Eliot, Meara, Ryan, Christopher & Matthew T. — London & Paris


"My husband and I just returned from a fabulous trip to the Med which we booked with expert guidance from On The Map Travel. They had assisted us previously with a trip to Argentina and another to South Africa and again they came through with great recommendations and flawless execution.

We received upgrades at the hotels we stayed as well as on the Seabourn cruise. We also relied our their services for a private guide in Barcelona, which really is a must to appreciate the Gaudi architecture and city's history.

We highly endorse them as a trusted, reliable source for your travel needs."

Karine and Joe G. – Frequent Travelers


"On the Map Travel planned my family’s trips to Croatia, Portugal, and Alaska, and hosted my group trips to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Morocco, and Argentina. They are the only travel operator I use because of their infinite knowledge of travel (including the most obscure destinations), their attention to details ensuring the most comfortable and memorable experiences, and their ability to go beyond what is expected. When you use On the Map Travel, you are guaranteed the trip of a lifetime!"

Tony and Carol D. - Frequent Travelers


"We recently took our 3 kids, their spouses, and our 8 grandchildren (ages 5-17) on a 7 day Alaska Cruise arranged by On The Map Travel.  It was perfect!  On The Map Travel selected the right ship on the right cruise line—it wasn’t too big, yet there were lots of activities and amenities to keep everyone happy.  A huge plus was that they arranged for all of our cabins to be adjacent to one another with a shared veranda—we really appreciated this because it kept us together as a group, and made it a breeze to coordinate with each other.  This was the trip of a lifetime and it couldn’t have been better.  Bravo, On The Map Travel!!!!"

Evy K. - Frequent Cruise Clients


“The Hay Festival was a dream come true for a book lover like me.  I went from one interesting author seminar to another – each one more fascinating and fun than the one before. It was so invigorating and intellectually stimulating to be around the finest writers and literature lovers in the world.  The whole trip was wonderful – and discovering the countryside of Wales was a terrific added bonus.”
Kathy P. – Hay Festival Select Journey


“I wanted to get away from the holiday season of shopping malls and plastic Santas – the charming and authentic Christmas markets of Prague and Rothenberg were just what I was looking for.  I had a great visit to Europe when it was least crowded and came home filled with the Christmas spirit!”
Richard J. – Christmas Markets Cruise


“On The Map Travel took all the interests of our women’s group – food, wine, art and adventure – and combined them to create a trip to Chile that was great fun from beginning to end.”
Elizabeth M. – Wine, Poetry & Patagonia


“A group of my friends love to golf and we used On The Map Travel to plan our trip.  It was great – they included tee times on the best courses of Ireland, fabulous little country inns as well as building in time to just relax and enjoy Ireland."

Peggy R.- Ireland


“The hassle-free time with our kids - all of us having adventures together – no work on my part to put the trip together - that was worth the price of the trip alone.”
Dave P. - Peru & Machu Picchu

“I never thought I’d enjoy traveling in a group, but with families it’s different.  Our kids were happy to be traveling with friends from school and we loved all the “adult time” that we got. When’s the next trip?”
Alisse C. - Ecuador & the Galapagos

"An after hours visit to the Vatican? A private gelato making lesson in Florence’s most famous gelato shop? Guides who are professors and art historians? Wow! It was all fabulous and something we could never have arranged by ourselves."
Peter S. and Family - Italy

“I took my 5 & 7 year olds on the trip by myself. Everything was handled so well by On The Map Travel that I never had to worry. We all had a wonderful time.”
Meg R. - Costa Rica 

“These well-organized and efficiently conducted tours skillfully combined academic input with local experts’ wonderful enhancement and wisdom. These tours offer a wealth of educational and cultural experiences that will last forever.”

William S., Science Specialist, Forsyth School - Costa Rica

“We had a BIG group of 120 – families who wanted to celebrate our children’s graduation from high school.  On The Map Travel found the perfect hotel (on the perfect beach), organized all the activities and meals  - we only had to worry about having fun with our kids.”
Richard H. - Whitfield School Family Group

“We have gone on six trips with On The Map Travel and all were exceptional. We loved their hotel and restaurant suggestions; and their unique tour guides - who were both knowledgeable and friendly. Attending the private Keys Ceremony at the Tower of London was really special and an event not open to the public."
Don B. - Eastern Europe & London

“All-in-all, I’d say it was the perfect honeymoon for us. We really needed to unwind after all the wedding planning for so many months – it was wonderful to leave the travel details to ture professionals. Thanks to On The Map Travel for making it the most memorable trip we’ve ever taken!
Richard T. & Eliot C. - Virgin Islands

“As a busy mother and attorney, time is what I lack. Luckily, On The Map Travel took the time to plan the perfect trip to Ecuador & the Galápagos for me. Each day was more fun and unusual than the next. I loved my private sea kayak trip – just me, a guide and a host of amazing animals.”
Gail R. - Ecuador & Galápagos


"My 10th grade daughter and I had the experience of a lifetime in Costa Rica with On The Map Travel.  Our group really made a difference at the school for the deaf and she earned nearly 40 hours towards her community service school requirement. Plus, we loved our relaxing time at the beach after our week of hard work!"
Linda C. - Costa Rica World Service


“I really liked our trip to Cartago.  Volunteering with the kids every morning and doing something fun and interesting (salsa lessons, trip to the volcano, Spanish lessons) every afternoon was the perfect combination of work and play."
Kate H. - Costa Rica World Service

"Every time we travel with On The Map Travel we are convince that it was the "Best Trip Ever;" and then we take another trip On The Map that is even more spectacular.  We are confident that On The Map Travel will never run out of "Best Ever" trips."

Mark E. and Family - Frequent Traveler


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