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We are obsessed with the Arctic.  Northern Lights! Polar Bears! Luxury igloos with clear ceilings! Fabulous hotel rooms – in a tree! Reindeer!

But until we get the chance to go in person, we follow Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) because of the beautiful images of places he goes – including lots of the Arctic. And while you’re there, please follow @onthemaptravel, too!


The Fathom website has a list of the 12 best spa treatments around the world and we’d be happy to share that list with you. Just ask. These luxe treatments are found in Switzerland, Morocco, Bali, the Himalaya, Spain, Japan and our favorite, the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in Southern California. 

We are considering doing a “Julie & Julia” type adventure and going to every one of these spas until we finish the list. That trip, of course, is just in our dreams – but we can get you to any one of these fabulous, relaxing spots.


The lavender fields in Provence are at their blooming best mid-June to mid-July.  How about renting a house with friends to enjoy all things the area has to offer? Now is the perfect time to reserve – you’ll have the pick of all the best places!


Drink Rosé

Shop the markets

Eat Bouillabaisse

Brush Up on Ancient Roman History

Learn about lavender

Visit some of France’s cutest villages

+++++++ so much more!

We strongly suggest visiting in mid-June to avoid the tourists; mid-August is the busiest time of year because the French come to Provence for their annual holidays.


One of the best meals we ever had ever was at Chicago’s Topolobampo – Chef Rick Bayless’ restaurant that serves sophisticated, inventive Mexican cuisine. Our meal there practically knocked us off our chairs!  (maybe it was the Blue Agave Margaritas). 

So when we wanted to find out where Rick got his inspiration, we turned to Journey Mexico to hook us up with an in-depth exploration of the parts of Mexico to find (and what to do with) the 27 ingredients that make Rick’s _mole_ sauce so out of this world. Yum! is an understatement.

Mexico is soooo much more than its beach resorts and well worth a more in-depth visit.

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